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Create A Culture of Sustained Success 

Organizations seeking to shape innovative people strategies that complement their business goals and drive day-to-day results hire Teressa Moore Griffin. She helps executive leadership teams develop the inner confidence and outer skills that maximize effectiveness while working under conflicting priorities and unpredictable circumstances.

Teressa provides:

Hire Teressa and give your key executives and managers the clarity, direction and courage they need to create new possibilities…to live and lead with a Spirit of PurposeTM.

Leadership Training for Today and Beyond

  • Align your senior leadership team around a shared purpose and commitment to explicit operating agreements.
  • Create collaboration and leverage the power of partnership at all organizational levels. Capitalize on the power and good ideas at every level of your organization.
  • Prepare your senior team for the next chapter of your organization’s success. The future rests on their ability to thrive in a complex, multicultural, global marketplace — sometimes working with people whom they’ve never met and don’t know if they should trust.
  • Understand emerging markets that make it critical for your business to increase diversity and inclusion while staying true to your culture.
  • Teach your leadership how to create a positive work environment that respects individual dignity while still driving productivity.
  • Support diverging senior teams as they restructure and co-create a new organizational culture after a merger or acquisition.
  • Close the knowledge gap as your experienced workers move on, move up or retire.

Building Strong Executive Teams

Teressa Moore Griffin is called on by Fortune 500 companies looking to maximize the senior leadership’s performance by aligning around common objectives and proven practices.

She has successfully guided individuals and organizations in identifying goals and eliminating the underlying issues that limit, sabotage or thwart success.

Moore Griffin expertly works with traditional, cross-functional and global teams to create effective communication and collaboration among increasingly diverse stakeholders.

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